Would first like to start off by saying hi to everyone in the ebaum community, good afternoon all. 
It was tax free weekend and I walked into a Hasting's just browsing not looking to spend any money, just killing time. Browsed the the movie section then onto posters and what not. Then to the longboard section. Keep in mind I was wanting one of these for a long period of time now and was curious to how they ride. So I picked one up, placed it on the floor for a test drive. It was aight. Was more curious going downhill on this thing to see how it was really like.
 After about five hours fighting my conscious about the longboard I went back into Hasting's I saw people buying stuff and it was stuff they didn't even need. I'm inside hasting's still fighting my conscious but the other side of me just picked up that same pigtailed longboard and walked off to the register. Didn't have cash so I slid my card, punched in the pin expecting to get my receipt within seconds but there was a hold up. Talking to the girl behind the counter she says the computers have been acting up all day so it took about four minutes for the transaction to go through so it finally printed out the recept and I took off to the car and drove to the nearest hill. It was awesome. It went down hill smoothly with barely even kick pushing it. It was almost frictionless, it was fun, it was good exercise. And it was worth $158.98. 
Now I checked my account to see if the money came out a couple hours after purchase and it never did. So a week later the money still never came out. So yeah, I think i got me a free longboard after frustrating fights with my conscious not to get it that lasted up to five hours. Fuck yeah. Fin
Uploaded 08/09/2013
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