What a Great Idea!!!!!!

So, I see we are hitting an all time low.  It has now been suggested that this country implement some sort of mandatory sterilization program.  Heil Hitler!!!! Lets just all go goose stepping down to the ghettos and trailer parks and round up all the “unfit” mothers and fathers and get started.  Let’s have a special government program implemented to stop people from having more than one baby, and if you do, the dad gets his balls cut off and the mom has to have a hysterectomy.  Teenagers beware, get pregnant at age 14 and you will never bear children again.  But, there is hope if you are wealthy then you have nothing to worry about, but if you are poor or if you have multiple dads for multiple children, then you suddenly have lost your rights as a citizen and must be sterilized.


Why stop at sterilization?  If you already have multiple children and you lose your job then the government can step in and take all but one of your children away.  If you refuse to hand over your children, then the government can come in and arrest you and your spouse and kill all your children.  Then they can pull out a knife and cut the husband’s balls off and then once again the woman will have to have a hysterectomy.  And don’t even think about getting a divorce, because we all know that mom is suddenly single and she cannot afford to take care of the children. Therefore, divorce would have to be made into a capital offense with executions taking place immediately.  No trial, not a chance.  As soon as the divorce is granted the women are to be taken out and shot and the children would have to be shot as well.  We cannot take the chance of the mother getting remarried and having even more children with her new husband and then possibly going through another divorce.  Then we have the problem of widows and widowers.  If your spouse dies, then so do you and your underage children.


You know, I hate irresponsible and unfit parents just as much as anyone else.  But, mandatory sterilization is absolutely ludicrous.  Who the hell are we to determine if somebody should have the right to bear children?  It is one thing to take children away from unfit parents, and I agree that is necessary, but forced sterilization?  Hell no!!!  In Hawaii parents are pressured into aborting pregnancies if it is discovered the unborn baby has a birth defect or has down syndrome.  What the hell gives the government or anybody the right to sterilize a person because they are poor and keep having children?  If unfit parents are abusing their children, then take the children away and throw the parents in jail.  If you have irresponsible people that keep having children and they are living off welfare, then too damn bad!!!  It sucks, but it is a burden that all tax payers share.  I can think of 100 other things to worry about then mom with multiple sex partners and multiple children.


Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 09/19/2008
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