What are friends for?

I am the self proclaimed luckiest asshole on the face of the planet. I have just returned from a night out with the best group of people anyone could have to call their friends. It's quite a drive for me about forty five minutes from our gathering spot to home and that gives me a lot of time to reflect on the dynamic this group has.

Example; in fourteen months I have attended 3 of our groups Social Events thats roughly one visit every four and a half months. If you asked me to I could name about 10 of these wonderful folks by name. I know none of their birthdays or any other really personal details and Im sure they dont know mine. Yet when I see them they are all immensely comfortable with me, I come to this conclusion with body language. Im very aware of it because of my career choice being in sales. Its literally part of my job to watch people and be alert to their changing body language; and what it means.

Everyone I spoke with tonight was very comfortable around me, partly because I have that personality and most people like me. But even the females in the room were comfortable leaning in towards our conversations and making personal contact with touching my arm and even the men were all comfortable touching shoulders and standing close to each other, to the average person these details mean nothing. To a guy that has read a lot on the topic these actions are profound. I dont know these people from anyone else really; at least not yet, and they dont know me that well either. Thats what is so surprising; under the same roof we act like family. This is just the kind of atmosphere that is created by this group, it just amazes me and wanted to take a minute and reflect on how lucky I am.

In closing its part charismatic asshole (me) and part wonderful people, some of which are assholes; more on that later. But when the two come together it creates a genuine connection a lot of people dont have and for that Im lucky. I love you guys. Alright enough of that sappy crap. Im going to go kick a kitten into a wood chipper or something

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