What Are Mobile Movies?

Mobile Movies Make Big Attraction

Today is Mobile Era. Everything is getting smaller and hence your digital gadgets too. There are Billions of Mobile users round the globe, and millions of those use mobile phones not only for making calls & sending texts, but also for a number of other tasks that were previously supposed to be done via pc only.

Big giant companies like google, facebook, twitter etc have reached out to your mobile phones and provide all their services with mobile-compatibility. Mobile applications are available for every popular activity on the internet,and this suggests the level of engagement of users on mobile phones.

Well, same as other activities, mobile can be used as a TV which plays your favorite movies & videos as per demand. Your mobile video player does the job for you and you don't have to be limited to youtube videos which may be quite interesting but you can can't get full length movies there.

Did you ever watch a Movie on your Mobile??

Mobile Movies are probably the most popular product on mobile phones now as there are hundreds of thousands of people watching movies on their handhelds including mobile phones, iphones, blackberrys, android phones etc.

Mobile Movies have even taken attention of big mobile companies like Samsung which is now providing movies on their mobiles, you can either rent or buy dvds to watch on your samsung mobile phone from their online video library.

When we analyze alexa trend of people watching mobile movies, we find majority of them are young people, from age 18-24 and more males than females. Breaking it down geographically, we find its trend higher in ASIA & US as compared with other regions. And the trend goes on increasing each day !!!!

If you take a look at google keyword trends for the term 'Mobile Movies', you will find about a million searches made per day which depicts the level of interest for this product globally.

What Are Mobile Movies?

Well, Mobile movies are, simply speaking, the small sized, re-encoded versions of full movies taken from DVD/ BlueRay disks so as to make they compatible for playing in your mobile devices.

Generally, Your DVD file is about 1.5 GB or more which is .VOB format, While MKV format HD or BlueRay Movie Files Usually Exceed 4GB !!!

While a normal high quality mobile movie will take as low as 150 mb of space & render best quality on your mobile screens.

Why Should You Watch Mobile Movies?

Thats a good question. As you have your tv, laptops, personal computer etc and you can watch movies quite easily on big screen, then why should you want movies on your small handheld devices???

Here are some reasons you should prefer
mobile movies.

Mobile movies are small in size, you can find best quality in as low as 150mb.
2- They can be watched anywhere any time without having to worry about electricity, just take out your phone & play the movie you want.
3- you can watch them on the go, when you are outing somewhere with friends, just have some fun together & watch
mobile movies .
4- watch your
mobile movies privately or secretly if you are forbidden to access television, your mobile does the job for your :)
5- Don't want to go out of the bed, keep lying there, cover up yourself with the blanket and watch :)

There may be other advantages as per the situation, but it is probably the most handy medium which is always accessible to you.

What Mobile Movie Formats Available For Your Device

Generally, a mobile phone with a camera can play 3gp videos as the video you make with you normal mobile camera is a 3gp video. Usually it is seen in nokia mobile phones.
So, whatever device you have, 3gp is generally ready to play on your device.

AVI is the most successful and generally used Video format to play videos on computer. AVi files usually use xvid or divx video codec with mp3 audio codecs which render best quality videos while keeping the video size low .i.e. around 700 to 1000 mb. Similary, lowering the quality and resolution of the video files and using the same codecs will render high quality
Avi Mobile Movies which can be played with specific video players, such as divx players, smartmovie player or core player that is available for many mobile devices.

When it comes to Iphones, androids, & blackberry phones, you will need
mp4 Mobile Movies. Mp4 uses mpeg4 or h265 video codecs and AAC or AC3 audio codecs which render high quality video files that can be played on your smartphones. Usually mp4 files are kept at higher quality with a larger resolution so as to play them on large mobile screens.

If you don't know which vidoe can play on your phone, you simply have to try 3gp and then go for mp4. Avi usually is not supported by default mobile video players, so you have to get
video player softwares that decode the avi video files and play them.

How To Get Movies to Watch On Mobile Phones?

Well, this is the simplest question. You don't have to do anything special for it. If you have DVD collection of your favorite movies, just convert them using Free Media Converter softwares. There are dozens of these softwares available on the web, including the most popular free software Any Video Converter. You don't have to know anything to be able to convert your files, your software may already have default profiles for each handset, so you simply have to select your profile and hit Convert.

When conversion is done, you can put the file into your phone via bluetooth or Data Cable.

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