What better Timing!

After days and days of searching for my beloved, I was lost in a murky swamp, the fog rolling chest high, barely able to see two feet in front of me I keep walking, my boots implanting themselves deeper and deeper into the mud after nine hours I lost all hope, I was going to die in this watery grave, I collapsed sinking into the water, I look up and notice strange lights about 20 feet away, salvation! It gave me hope I stood back up grab my right leg with all my might and pull it out of the mud, with each step I could feel the warmth of life coming back to my body, finally five feet away and there is a bayou house, I drag myself to the front door and knock, as I began to knock again I pass out on the front porch,



I wake up in a bed, bathed and changed; this southern man looks at me and says wow boy, I never thought you was going to wake. Get yourself up and come down the Mrs. Made us dinner as I came down stairs a wonderful meal was prepared, deep fried gator bites, corn bread muffins, southern wild rice, the man stated youre in for a treat, the Mrs. Made her famous Cajun sauce it will cure what ills you I looked at him and told him how about a broken heart as we sat down to eat the man began a prayer, I bowed my head, after the prayer was done he told me what was a feller like me doing in the middle of the bayou, I began to tell him my story, and how I was searching for my fiancé who was carrying our unborn child, I told her about mama and the witch cult that was tracking her down, the man looked at me and said Ill take you to Mrs. Cleo the juju woman of the bayou, she is not but one hour away from here, I helped them clean the table and the dishes, and he told me he would have to boat ready.



We arrived at Miss Cleo bayou home, I noticed another boat was already there, My heart thumping my hands and forehead sweat, I push the door open, the smell of strange vapors rise, black and red candles lit everywhere, I turn into the living room and I see Rin and Miss Cleo chanting around a crystal ball




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