What Can We Do In Light of the Latest Massacre?

All day, ever since I first heard the story of all those kids and adults being shot up, my eyes keep welling up with tears. I suppose, it's because I have four kids and superimpose the incident onto my own life and how I would feel. It's some kind of selfish empathy on my part I suppose or I'm just a big suck, but so what?

So what can I do to counter the insanity that occurred today? Nothing can turn that shit around, but I can actually do something that will at least have a positive effect on the world. In the last few weeks, at store check outs, I have been asked for donations, instead of a bashful "No, not this time" I will say, " Absolutely". I will not pass a kettle without a donation. I will not refuse a tin cup, upturned hat or an opened guitar case. If someone asks for my help, I will give it. If someone appears to need some help, I will offer it.
I will not question their intentions or judge their sincereness, I will simply give. God bless the children. 

Uploaded 12/14/2012
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