What do you think?

Well here we go, I normaly do not write anything political and this will more than likely not happen again.

I was just wondering what you think about some of the changes I have been hearing about that president elect Obama would like to make.

We all know he wants to end the war in the middle east, that is a given. Just cut and run like every other democratic president, just like in Vietnam, and Korea. The only thing different is we never killed the guy running things in either country. My best guess there is that America pulls out and stope policing the country, another will take power, not through elections we started doing but by force, putting us in the same predicament we were in before...but that is just my thoughts on that.


He wants to shut down Guantanamo Bay. Well sure shut down a prison holding a lot of people who truly hate America. Whether or not they hated us before they went there, I promise you they hate us now. And if you shut down the military base on cuba. Who are going to keep tabs on that little island that is only ninety miles away? What will be the last line of defence against another cuban missle crisis?


What are your thoughts on his private civilian police force of 500,000 men when he starts taxing firearms. This just kind of sounds like another country a few years ago. The country was run by that guy with the mustash, he realy hated jews. I dont know but to me it sounds like the S.S. guard Hitler had. just something to think about and look into more is all I am saying.


Lastly, and this is just a guess here, what do you think will happen afer  successful assasination attempt on Obama. Well my wife thought this first and I agreed with her. (giving credit where credit is due) If he is killed, especialy by a white guy, there will be no end to the race war that will probably follow. Biden will be president, you saw how happy people were when he was elected. How pissed off will they if he is killed. You know and I know there are plenty of people in this country willing to throw their lives away for just about any cause. They are selling tickets to inaguration day to just about anyone. I just have a feelig something is going to happen and when it does I promise there will be riots worse then when rodney king got his ass beat. Civil war could follow just on a guerrilla warfare type note. I will leave it there with enough room for argument and discussion. Let me know what you think.




Uploaded 11/11/2008
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