what do you think?

alright this is for people who are FOR punishment for convicted felons and other people....


go to in your address...and then you get this like fuckin...rapist and sex offenders that live by you...


now i'm i am not planning to do this..i am just stating that i had a fact and have no intention of ever doing this....but...

these "cards" give out alot of information..such as home address and work places and convictions and full i'm wondering..what would stop a person to just find that rapist and just flat out kill them...i mean some of these people are just totally fucked a fat old hairy bastard who was convicted of repeatedly abusing a small child with a foregin object what the fuck man....

if there ever became a a regular "i'm gonan fuck you up cuz i'm a gangsta" gang....but insted of causing problems they just beat the shit out of these people lik everyday...what would happen....what would the news say and what would people say?


what is your opinion on this?....and remember this is only an idea..i'm not saying that anyone should go out and do that and i'm not going to

Uploaded 05/24/2008
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