what gets me through it

for some reason I feel like writing this today. It'[s very simple, it's just a list of concepts and ideas that get me through life explained how I would explain them.

I don't claim to be a new age healer or some sort of spiritual leader, and most people never take me seriously. If you want to ignore me then get out. Most of this could probably be found if you study this sort of thing, as pretty much none of it is soley my idea. moreover it is a collection of concepts that gets me through the days.

there is no metric:
When you start comparing yourself or the products of your life to others or other things, you just fuck it up. There is no metric for people, nothing to cpmpare to, no standard for anything. Everything is subjective. And whatever you think something is, it just is. You just are. Nothing can reasonably be compared to anything, there are too many factors, too much unknown information, and there is no yardstick that can apply to things stright out of your own head, unless you made one up. One doesn't compare reality to a photograph, so don't compare your reality to your perception of other realities, it's just useless, and more importantly it's innacurate. Let everything just be, and be satisfied with it if you're able.

Let it flow:
Too often people get pissy when they can't make things happen, when relaity doesn't bend to thier will. I hate to break this to you, but time, reality, and other consciousnesses are not well defines peices you can push around, they are a flowing river of energy. when you try to exert yourself against reality, you are in essence trying to redirect a river with your hands. you really just look like a frustrated child. it's possible to work with what you're given, and deal with what is, and still be happy. in fact it's the only posibility. Not to sound like a new age asshole, but just go with it, stop trying to control things, let go and let life happen. It feels great to stop pushing, because you finally get to rest, and you'll find you can ride the river where you want to go anyway.

Time isn't real:
This one is important. too often people turn thier situations into problems. I've got news for you, you don't have problems. There is no such thing as a problem and I'll prove it. What problems do you have right now? I mean now now. Not in a few seconds even, or earlier, but right now? Can you name any? If you can you're not thinking about now, you're thinking about later. If you had them now, you wouldn't be thinking about them that way, you'd be dealing with them. so there you go, just deal. As things come, deal with them, and leave them behind you as you go. Don't put more thought into it than it needs. I realize this shit takes discipline. humans are conditioned from birth to think about every moment but this one. The future is a big one. people try to beat you over the head with it. But don't listen. There is no future. They think they'll be one, but they're just neurotic. There is only now. So stay here.

Fear is the path to the darkside:
I know I stole this from star wars but I don't care, it's still true. All hatred, all anger, all the pain that ever has been and ever will be was because someone was afraid. think carefully about anytime you've been angry, hateful, or depressed. Wasn't it because you were afraid? afraid of losing something, afraid of having something imposed on you, afraid of death, afraid of life. I gaurantee no one has ever been angry over something they weren't afraid of. You're going to say you've been frustrated, and that's right. but frustration is temperary, just an irritaion with something, it goes away with the stimulus. anger lasts and lasts. Why? what sort of rational being does that? Life is a choice right now between fear and love. those are the only choices. Most people choose fear, to many diferent degrees. You'll know someone who chooses love over fear when you see them.

Be the pilot
This one might be hard to wrap your mind around, but it helps. From time to time you have to seperate yourself from your reactions. Step outside what you just felt and ask yourself: is that how I feel? Is it really? Is that how I want to feel? What is my justification for feeling like that? If yu can prop up from feelings after questining them and feel rational, then keep going. otherwise wonder to yourself why you do that.

It's just a ride
If nothing else can make you able to deal, remember the immortal words of comedian bill Hicks. 'it's just a ride'. the world is like a ride on an amusement park. It goes up and down and it's bright colored. Our minds are powerful and we think it's real, but it's just a ride and we can change it anytime.

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