What goes around.... really goes around

My story starts in high school were I was a dumb jock that thought football was my life. I planned on going to college but not to learn anything. I just wanted to play sports. I didnt care about grades. As long as I had the coolest car, a hot girlfriend, and a few beers I didnt care about anything else. I picked on people. I bullied the weak kids. I made some peoples lives true hell. I was a real asshole. Life has a funny way of giving you a wake up call.

My road to not being a dick started 6 years ago. I was a football practice one day. We were just running normal oaklahoma drills when I got tackeled. My knee got crushed by a 350lb defensive linemen. My leg was bent the wrong way. It was the worst pain I had ever felt. I went through two operations to fix it. I was told I would never play football for a team again. I thought my life was finished. Shit just got worse from there. My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend. She was pregnent with his kid. My brother borrowed my car and wrecked it. My best friend killed himself after his girlfriend left him because he cheated on her with my girl friend. My parents split up. Then, the college I was set on turned me down becuase of my grades. My life was going to hell real fast.

It took awhile but I fixed everything. I got a good job. I got engaged to the girl I wanted to be with in high school. I never thought I had a chance in hell with her because I was a jock and she was a brainy type. I have my own house. I am going to school after the job I had shut down. They are paying my full way through college. I am attending Seton Hill University. It is very well known and is one of the harder schools to get into. I am getting married next summer and life couldnt be better.

I just wanted to let people know that high school isnt everthing. Dont treat people like shit becuase life has a way of cutting you down to size. It takes alot to come back from something like that but even if you do you always remember the shit you did and how you got what was coming to you in the end.

Uploaded 07/20/2010
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