What grinds my gears.....

I absolutely hate it when people have two or more identities because if you have something to say then say it. Who said you have to agree with everybody and if you cant argue with somebody and move on but instead stay mad at them then you are on the wrong site doing the wrong thing. What kind of little girl are you that you need to hide instead of standing up and making your point. I respect you a hell of a lot more if you tell me to kiss your ass without hiding to do it, if you disagree with someone tell them but MAN up for a change. Trolls are idiots and sometimes a good way to release that day to day stress when we attack them back but when you have two identities what are you hiding? I would rather have a couple of honest to God real people to converse with than a whole bunch of phony ass people to talk to. Now that being said this is MY opinion and you do as you want but do me a favor just keep away from me if you cant be somewhat REAL.


Thanks for reading Bohank



Uploaded 09/03/2009
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