What happens if you ask a ouija board where the gold is burried?

So the other day i got back to my motel room(been visiting the states since december 20) and i go to my bag looking for my wallet and stumble across my new philips body trimmer [IMG][/IMG] that santa got me. so i thought id open it see if it works, what it does, how it goes etc etc.. so i leave it charging on the sink and go down to the place you faggots call taco bell and order a crunchy taco supreme and the fucking wetback spic packaging my shit drops it and picks it up and pretend nothing happend... so now im pissed as fuck and my roid rage is starting to kick in but i hold it walk out and take off my t shirt so im just wearing my wifebeater to show my respect towards woman and drive to the 24hour fitness centre to release my anger. so im all done feeling like a a couple million, jab up my roids and drive my rental back to my motel room. so i get to my door and theres the maids room service trolley outside and so i walk in but as i get halfway through the door i hear a vibrating vvvrrrrrr sound. so im thinking its a vibrating sink plug or some shit old mexican ladies use to clean and then i get to my bathroom and see this old bitch using my shaver.. WHAT THE FUCK!!
Uploaded 01/11/2010
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