What have I taken from you?

Anyone miss me? it's been a long absence. My life has been lacking arguments without you.

Control. You are the one in control huh? You think so?
Who is the one with any power, any control, any freedom? The kind that you are made to seek. The sort of power that they make you desire all your life. Who has it? Do I? Do you? Does someone out there have it?
I don't know.
If I imprison you then what have I taken from you?
And what do you control for sure, huh? The volume on your stereo? The air conditioning in your car? What else? What have you lost? What did I take?
My freedom?
You are a fool. You think you were free? What is this ambition of yours? Where does it come from? Who gave it to you? Where were you going to go when I released you? The same place you've always been going. You think you carved these tracks under you. That's what you were supposed to believe. You think you have power. You think you are carving your own road. But you're rolling along the same road that has long since been carved for you. You think you are gods. Every last one of you. You think you are carving the path yourselves. The path was carved long ago by those that first thought they were gods and it was carved there because they thought so. You think any amount of striving will bring you freedom? You think any amount of your idea of wealth will free you? You're just digging yourself deeper into these tracks. You always have been. This is an imprisonment you have been making for yourself. the door has always been wide open, but you think real freedom is something from a dream. Humanity dreamed of freedom once and now there is just this. It wasn't a dream. You've been contained all your life. you were born contained. So, one last chance, what have I taken from you?
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