What I found at Arby's

  I was sitting around the house with my wife the other night.  I asked her what she wanted to do for dinner.  She said she didn't care and for me to figure it out.  Shortly thereafter, I saw a commercial for Arby's.  Now I was thinking Arby's.  I told her what I was going to do.  She said she wanted a number 2 meal. 

  I pulled into the parking lot and decided to go inside instead of doing the drive through.  This particular Arby's is known for screwing up drive through orders and I wanted to make sure it didn't happen again. 

  The manager looks like the typical fast food manager that's been eating mostly fast food for the past 15 years and doing very little exercise.  The drive through girl was cute.  I couldn't see the guy in the back making the food, but I could hear him making jokes.

  I see the manager putting my food in the bag.  He then picked up the next bag and looked at the bottom.  The expression on his face as he looked at the bottom of the bag was that of awe.  It was as if he had found elightenment.  The manager then took the bag to the back and showed it to the dude making the food.  The manager said, "It's true!"  And the food dude said, "That's where he's been all this time!"  Fatty manager followed up with, "It's even spelled right!"

  The manager then filled the bag that brought him such wonder and  handed my order to me.  I calmly and cooly walked out.  I didn't want them to know that I was interested in what was on the bottom of my bag.  I got into my car and made sure no one could see me.  I looked at the bottom of the bag.  And then I saw what brought him such wonder.

  It was Jesus!  That's right, Jesus was written on the bottom of the bag.  Not just the one bag, but both of them.  It wasn't someone's handwriting, it was printed there.  Now I'm not sure how he feels about Wendy's or Jack in the Box, but I think that this whole bag thing proves that Jesus loves Arby's.

Uploaded 03/16/2010
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