what i hope for 09

as i have said before, i work all the time. 15 hours a day everyday with days off few and far between. my next day off i think will be in March and me and the wifey are taking the kids to Dallas to see the King Tut exibit. i work like this so i can give my fam everything they want. i still get to the them(when i work during the day) and attend the multitude of sporting events they participate in. i just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. if i'm not on a rig i could get stuck in the shop, and then my hours drop drastically from 15 a day to 9 a day. that is un-fucking-acceptable. so here are my hopes for the year of 2009....

1. that i don't end up in the shop for longer than 1 week.

2. this house we are attempting to buy doesn't become a financial prision.

3. i can save enough money to buy a 60's model mustang, impala, camero, chevelle, nova, or, challenger to fix up.

4. that i get to coach my boy again and that we fuckin wreck mutherfuckers!

5. that my daughter will stop growing up so fast. i miss my baby girl.

6. i can keep this pace up for another year.

7. i can invest some of my capital into financial oppritunities that will pay off big

8. not let my mouth or firey temper loose my job.


that's all i got. i know most of you don't give a flyin fuckin shit what i do, what i fear, who i love, or how my life goes. and to those people the feelings are mutual. here's to hoping that 2009 continues the upward trend my life has been on .

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