What I think of drumming.

not many of you know me, i am aceman220. :D

and i would like to give my output on drumming and would like to get your opinion on my output lmao.

Alright, I see many people praising drummers today such as Neil Pert, Mike Portnoy, and others.  Now I will give it to these drummers that they are very talented and quite good. (yes i know i left out some good drummers but im making this general)

What I believe is that people like John Bonham and Buddy Rich are the best.

I know that Buddy Rich is currently the best ever (alive and dead) but my main point is John Bonham and Keith Moon. I will give it to Keith that he was an astounding drummer but the main reason that John beats him is 1 simple fact. He did it first.

Keith might be more flashy and have better rythym and beats, but the fact is that he studied off people John Bonham, which makes John the premier rock drummer of all time.

I am Aceman2220, (alex), and breakfast will be served at 9 :D



This is an add on to this blog just for Ellimem :P

my top 5 drummers

1:Buddy Rich

2:John Bonham

3:The Rev (IDC i love A7X :D )

4:Mike Portnoy

5:T Barker.

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