What I wrote when I was tripping.

Just fuck it

When you trip, you set up to worry about a bunch of things going on in your life. A good trip is to trick yourself into this ridiculous zone of tranquility, all good vibes bro. If you are currently at peace with whatever it is youre worried about at the time of the trip you slowly go through the stages of the trip. However many cycles, Im not quite sure at the moment, because I am trippingggggGGG. Right? Not anymore, actually. To have a bad trip is to get hung up and dwell on one specific point of the trip such as trying to remain in a particular level of the trip when a new one is trying to emerge.

I, am at a point where I am absolutely happy with everything, and for the moment I am just chilling. I am content with that, I am not worried. And I guess that kind of ruined the trip for everyone else because it got laid out plain and simple, you know? The whole eat SHROOOOOOMSSSUH and then wait an hour for these crazyyyy out of this world effects. Pew! Pew! Laser sounds. They come, you go through the fucking steps, the breathe-in breathe-out shit, the swelling, the chill, the shape shifting, and the just plain content, right?

Fuck it, everyone is happy, except me, I mean I am very happy, Im just not fooled. Its like a santa claus type scenario. Ive had a terrible trip where I tried to jump out of a moving car, a great one where I thought I was a fucking lion. And then one where I breezed through the same exact steps with a different attitude. The completely apathetic one, hence-fuck it. And now Im watching Jumanji happily. So fuck it, Im having the best time ever.

Please excuse the seemingly stupid and repetitive terminology  but I dont know too many scientific terms for this shit. I guess when it comes down to it I truly am a complete and total asshole. HAHA.


ARE YOU TRIPPING!?!?! Yeah man, just let everyone have it. Well explain it in the morning. Time to just chill and watch some fucking tv. I love both these guys, I fucking hope there are no hard feelings at all. Just shrooms are not worth it. We did it, we mastered it, and concluded..(drum rolls)    ..   .. .. ./ fuck this shit. Done. Over. Bam. Hahaha time to sleeeeeeeeeep I wish drinking werent so bad for us. I need something better than weed and liquor. How did I some how manage to kill this for myself? And why cant I stop typing? Its blatantly fucking over. This is why we need to do that cabin idea in fucking west Virginia, we can just trip and fish and run around and I can be a cynical dick and unravel shit that should just be left alone so everyone can enjoy it as intended. And then write about it frantically giggling to myself about how insightful and clever I am.  HhHHH HHahaha . sorry got into a battle with that ffuckin CAPS LOCK guy. Man fuck that shit. Anyways.ssss.s.s.s I need to just write like this, make a bunch of money y and get fucked up every night. Wouldnt that be fucking crazy??? (notice that y followed by an and catch that? Spanish to English in the blink of an eye. So multi fucking cultured. So quippy. Fuck me. Hahaha how about the longest in (parentheses) of the century? How would I even put that? Fucking () ?  hahahahahah like a puncuation orgy. I wish I could verbally express this shit instead of just making awkward jokes through Microsoft word for mac ? haha hows that  for this fucking genaration? Its great and were all fucked. But I love it and fuck it because 2012 is coming anyway? And when the fuck did danny glover turn gay? Holy shit. Hahahahaha!!!!HAHAHAH! oh well. Ha. Anyway I guess its time fo r a much needed )

Hahaha, I know right? That suddenly. Did I really just do that? Did you see that coming at all? Haha nope. Fuck it. Moving on.

But real quick shouldnt there have been a drum roll or something? Or like an awards ceremony?  Hahah maybe not;. I guess it s just me.

Right now Im telling you (sean) how excited I am about this, and I feel like I cant wait for tomorrow to explain this because I am TRIpPpPpPing!!!!!! B:AH!  Haha yes. It is . that good. Remember that shit bitch! Haha



Jhahaha I just explained a trip? What I write about? Haha what didnt I write about? Fucking genius. Fiction, not non fiction. Wonderful. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.!!    !!!! fuck it. MILLIONS>  this shits funny. So we just got fucked up a differentn way. I can work like this. Fuck it. .. I am completely fine. aaIm just excite dna d I just keep typing like that because I think I am clever/ I cant type as fast as the words spilling out of my braaaaaaaaaaiii(wheeee)Iiiiiiiin, haha what a fucking ride. We have in fact done this dance before. And maybe for the last time fuck it.




Pshhh toro where you at!?!?! I need to go to sleeeep.


Its all about the stop talking thing. Need to remember that little trick. Always going a millions miles a minutes. S. why plural> going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on I wish it showed how I really typed that. It was ridiculous and fucking spell check ruined it by making it perfect. Only Microsoft word can catch something like that sheesh.. I wish I was a computer. Fuck it. Stupid ass shit again. Time for bed. And finally, fuck it and you and everyone FUCK IT.

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