What if you were racist?

The time travel blog gave me an idea... the idea of: What If?

in·va·sion noun

1. an act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy, esp. by an army.

2. the entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease.

3. entrance as if to take possession or overrun:

4. infringement by intrusion.


-Now I'm asking this, why are they coming here if they refuse to adapt?

-How can you expect to be welcomed in a stranger's house if you tell him how to decorate it?

-How can you expect people to even like you, if you tell them, in their home... that they are wrong.

Why would you go somewhere, if you think that their values are wrong? Why choose our land, our home to come and install you and your family, if you disagree with what we believe in.

It's really simple, What if... What if you were racist, would you live in Africa? What if you were homophobic, would you choose to live in the gay village? No, you wouldn't, no one would... unless you like hurting yourself. So why, and please answer me, why would the Muslims... simple as that... would come... here?

Why would they choose a country that defends morals and values completelly opposite to theirs? Why choose a country that sees a man, and a woman as equals... if you refuse to uncover the face of your women.

I wouldn't want to live anywhere near their lands, because I disagree with their morals. The only logical comparison I can give: They are like a clostrophobic person that likes to lock himself in a closet. It fucking doesn't make sense.

That's why I gave the definition of invasion, because they all describe perfectly what is really going on... infrigement by intrusion on our own freedom of being who we are, who we really are.

the entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease.

I'm relieved, because just like any disease... there is a cure!!

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