What in the hell do you think is going to happen???

Last night some of you got on bitchonastick. Now I am not defending her because the girl needs no help from me, that girl is one angry "bitch". So we know this girl has worked some really bad places and then she goes after the American dream and some of you want to shut her down. This is the type of person who should draw unemployment, anytime a person tries to better their family's position and then fails at it, WE need to support her. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is the people who seem to be against her getting unemployment are the same people who are voting Obama. What in the hell do you think is going to happen if he gets in?  This Distribution of wealth he talks about is just tax and spend on any number of the social programs and you can bet you dont have to work to get any of that money. OK I swear I didnt want to take this political but something is wrong when people want to punish others for taking a chance in life. I dont know about you but I would much rather support someone who has worked for 15 years than support some woman who spits kids out JUST for the government benefits. That being said we should admire someone who goes out and tries to advance themselves, it is extremely hard to do when you have a family. I am done complaining but HEY BITCH go find a job.


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Uploaded 09/29/2008
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