What is best in life?

For all the other sci-fi/fantasy geeks out there...the title of this blog should be well known. For the rest of you it is a quote from a classic sci-fi/fantasy movie. The first to tell me what movie it's from and who said it in the comment section will win a gold plated toe nail clipping plucked straight from Deunan's bathroom garbage can.

The answer to the question "what is best in life?" in the movie is "crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women." I totally agree with this statement entirely. Or at least I did until this evening.

I am now going to change this famous quote to suit my needs. Cuz that's how Deunan rolls! Either roll with me or roll the other way.

The NEW answer to the question "What is best in life?" is now this ; "your team winning the Superbowl, a blowjob at halftime and to hear not a single word uttered by women." 

Yep, my boys lost the Superbowl. Nope I didn't get a blowjob at halftime and for fuck's sake...would my girlfriend shut the fuck up during the game??? NO!!!. I do not need to be reminded to put windshield washer fluid in her car during the 9ers initial drive. I do not need to hear how mad at her mom she is during an important defensive stand during the second quarter. I do not need to hear that we are babysitting her nephew tomorrow morning and that we need to leave early. I do not need to hear about having to tell the kid to clean his room too many times.

Women...listen up! During the fucking Superbowl.......SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!! No man on the planet wants to hear anything other than the following:1. Do you want a beer honey?2. Do you want a sandwich honey?3. Do you want another beer honey?4. Do you want bleu cheese with your hot wings honey?5. Do you want Crown or Jack Daniels honey?

It's not too much to ask for is it? Three to four hours of SILENCE? And if that's not possible, which it obviously fucking isn't, to just keep it to the bare minimum?

Defeated Deunan
Uploaded 02/04/2013
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