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Oh. Hey there. Just found some spare time after researching conciliarism, and thought I'd give you fellow bloggers yet another thing to waste your time with. You see, it seems like there are some decent folks out there, and in order to spare them the pain and suffering attached with viewing another Neko-bot blog in the line-up, I'm writing this. For the sole purpose of moving that shit outa your line of sight. Thoughtful aren't I? Consider this a purge.


I guess an ulterior motive of mine would have to be answering the call to blog. I know one sad individual (spread across multiple accounts; with shitty account names, I might add) has been begging for this. How's it feel baby? I'm just warming up.


For you political fiends:


It seems the call to end certain austerity measures has been answered through the correct democractic process; the big player here being France, which has elected its first socialist president since 1981. I'm very intrigued by this for a few reasons; I personally think this austerity nonsense is just that; absolute myth. We've seen it tried before (Ireland) and we've seen it cause complete catastrophy (Greece). Although living in the United States, the discussed 75% income tax rate on the wealthy does seem a bit excessive (but then again, how are we defining wealthy? Why didn't I do better research??) All in all, it will prove to be an interesting clash of ideologies which will, hopefully, prove one side right so that this bickering will end. Who am I kidding, it never will.


For you nerds out there (Raise those hands, basement dwellers!):


So..Diablo III in less than a week. I know I've packed spare pantaloons; have you? All joking aside, I am hoping to get back to my roots with this next dungeon crawler, and hopefully wean myself off other games entirely. As someone interested in creative writing, this is certainly a problem as time is my most precious commodity; at least, until I'm forced to eat my unfinished script Transformers VII: Why Is This Still Selling Tickets? (Shia has two girlfriends now). Anyway, the game should be great; played the beta, instantly wanted moar.


Well, looking at the clock I figured I've spent more time than I shoulda writing this (five minutes, or alternatively the time it takes Neko to make 20 more alts) So, if you've read this far; thank you? I guess? Go find something better to do, Jesus, this is your life, what are you doing here?


Thanks all,

   stay douchey

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