What is Halo trial?

Halo is a war game very popular on the Xbox console. It can also be played on the PC and you can download the trial at

I started to play Halo trial at my school. Twice a week we can go to the computers room and play Halo on the LAN. It's very fun so I downloaded it on my computer at home. I've been playing for a year or two and I'm getting very good at it.

In the Halo trial, you can play on the map "Blood Gultch" or something like that. It's basically two bases facing eachother. Each base has a warthog mounted with a machine gun, another warthog mouted with a rocket luncher and a banshee. A warthog is a three passengers vehicule (including the gunner) and the banshee is a flying vehicule armed with plasma shooters and a plasma bomb luncher.

Inbetween the bases are hills, rocks and trees to hide behind, powerups and explosive weapons. There are also two caves where you can hide in and aim easily at the ennemies' base.

My favorite type of game is Capture the Flag. In those games, each base has a flag in its bunker and the goal of the game is to capture the other team's flag three times in order to win. The players usually prefer this game mode because it lasts very long if the teams don't try to capture eachother's flag.

If you want to play with me or if you just want to chat, add me to your MSN contact. My MSN is . The link to the download page of Halo trial is at the begining of this blog.

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