What Is This Shit?

I knew it. From the start. The moment I've heard about it. It's known for a long time that people who make movies try not to risk original concepts. So most of the films we get to watch in cinema are remakes or based on comics.

Now they made a movie about the guy from youtube. It's was meant to fail - he was popular in like 2007? When youtube was still young and he hadn't got much competition. Needless to say, the movie Tron was a bad idea.

The movie's Tron guy isn't even fat nor has he mustache. He's a youngster and he gets into his computer or some shit. I wasn't paying much attention. So it turns out the programs are like humans and shit. Great, now I can think that my printer's driver looks like Jessica Alba.

The movie is so boring. They talk and talk.

Maybe you have to be some geek to like it. This movie is total crap.

I don't know why people even... whoa shit, this is AWESOME! Like the lightcycles are, wow! This is so awesome. Like how did they make the sfx?!?!?!?! So awesome! And there's like this big car thing and bad ass driver that saves Tron guy! He's so awesome!!!!! Wait, it's a she!!!! Even more awesome! Hold on, isn't that? Yeah, it's that chick from House MD! This movie couldn't be anymore awesoooooome!!!!!!!!!

(10 minutes later)

Could you stop talking and like ride the light cycles again?

(30 minutes later)

Okay, I get it, you're in a computer, no need to explain the details.

(50 minutes later)

Okay, they kill programs or reprogram them and wanna take over the world. Booooriiiing.

(90 minutes later)

Finally this shit movie ended.

To make the long story short: the movie sucked. Here's the whole story - guy gets into a omputer and rides light cycles so he could meet his dad that's trapped in the same computer and it's all a scheme from the evil program to get out and his dad doesn't want to risk getting out but he's a stupid dork who allows bad programs to take his disk when running away when it later turns out he's got super powers and can like slow down time and force pull programs and there's this pretty program girl that's an ISO (she was downloaded from a porn torrent website, most proably) and the last one of her kind but Tron guy doesn't know that and they escape and pew pew pew shoot the light air plane and his dad dies.

So basically, you could just look for the light cycles race on youtube and you watched the only cool part of the movie

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