What is WORLDstock?

When the Blue Meanies of the world try to oppress and enslave the people of the earth, what does it take to fight them?

WORLDstock is a vision I had to get musicians and fine artists worldwide to come together for the cause of peace. 

Back in 1969, the Woodstock Festival was put on advertising 3 days of peace and music.  The turnout of young people was so overwhelming that even Richard Nixon took notice.  If all the peace loving people of the world came together, perhaps the leaders of all countries would take notice.

I talked to Yoko about having it at the Imagine Peace Tower, which seemed like the likely place for the main event and her response was, "If it is to be, it will be."  I talked to musicians from various parts of the world and they seemed receptive.  Rather than being only Rock music, I thought that musicians of any type who truly want peace should be a part of this.  I thought that art would be a good addition as well. 

I wanted to have the main event at the Imagine Peace Tower and have satellite events in every possible major city in the world linked by teleconference with each city appearing on the main screen at a designated time.  Having only the vision and no backers, though, makes it very difficult to achieve.

I worked on this 16-18 hours a day for three years straight.  My heart failure has made continuing at that pace impossible.  It's not likely that I'll live long enough to see this come to fruition, but I want to get the idea out there in case there is enough interest to get it to keep moving.

There were originally three parts to this, but hackers destroyed all but the first.

Spread the word:   "What is WORLDstock?"

What Is WORLDstock - Part 1

Cal | Myspace Video

Matthew 5:9 (New International Version)

   Blessed are the peacemakers,
   for they will be called children of God.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Is With Us All,


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