What is wrong with Ebaumsworld!?

I have been a fan of this site for many years now, back to when it was hardly ever updated. But I just never really felt that I visited long enough to make a profile until just recently.

So I am enjoying everything but have noticed something rather annoying. I go to post videos and only about half of them rightly upload. I mean I upload it, it says it will be able to be viewed shorty, then many of them never show up in the "Just Submitted" section or in "My Submissions" what are wrong with these? Are they deleted or blocked for some reason? I have no idea. But the wierd thing is if I search my title and tags in the search bar I find it easily. What is going on with these? And I am not the only one this is happening too.

So I decided to go to the forums search around for answers. Didn't find anything. Decide to make a new thread to ask what is wrong and I can't. I never got an email to confim my profile or whatever I have to do. And it has been a few days since I created my forum profile. I even made sure to check I had my email address right and I checked my junk mail.

So I decided to try again, made a new profile under a different email. Same thing, no email sent, not in junk mail, can't make threads.

What is all of this crazyness and how in the world do I talk to someone in charge? I have tried the "Contact Us" and sent ebaumsworld an email directly, but that was days ago and no response.

So what do I do, how do I contact someone, what is wrong!

Uploaded 03/10/2009
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