What is wrong with these people?

So i have been on vacation, right...... and I have seen so many physically altered people its sick! Fake boobs, fake asses, fake hair, fake tans (when did looking like an orange become cool?) fake everything. I had a lady walk up to me and say " I love how beautiful your skin color is, are you mixed or do you bleach your skin?" WTF really? I just walked away before I smack the hell out that bitch. I guess because I have real long hair that grows from my head, and naturally tanned skin? Does that mean I cant be black? Black people come in all shades and thats what I think is so beautiful about us. Some have nappy hair long hair, straight short hair, long curly hair, and so on. Black isnt just one boring thing.

 I even had a lady say " you pretty for a black girl." What the hell did that mean? First of all, I am just a person no need to say if you think I am pretty or not. Who the fuck did she think she was? Does skin color really matter. If being black was so bad then why do white women tan to be darker, get lip injections to have fuller lips like black women, get ass injections to actually have an ass, try and dance like us, sing like us, and chase after black men? I really dont think white people hate black people........ I just think some envy us. Dont get me wrong I love white people! Hell my hubby is white, but I just dont get this shit. People are so ignorant!

What happened to looking to see if I was a good person? We are doing nothing but helping our youth be blind to what is really important in life. Education, Credit scores (lol), getting a good job, respecting people, taeching the little girls that there is more to them than what is between thier legs, teaching the young men to be men, what happened to those things?

Uploaded 11/18/2009
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