What it feels like to be at peace.

I am an American citizen and I am currently vacationing in Brazil. Not one day have I ever suffered from stress. I reside in Kansas where there is really nothing to do and the beach is days away by driving. There is constant conflict whithin the family because we realy have nothing to do at all. We sit our asses down and wait for the fucking day to pass without accomplishing anything. When I am in Brazil, I drink a coconut, lay down under the sun, when I feel hot I jump into the waves and relax. I also met a girl, pretty cute, I fell in love with her but unfortunatley I only have less then 20 days left in Brazil and I will not be able to see her again for a long time. Luckily she claims to be single and is not into dating, But I can see in her eyes that she loves me and I love her. I will see her again in November when she comes as a foreign exchange student. The mysteriously bright smile she gives me when she looks at gives me a sense of warmth like I never felt before. In Brazil, people are poor but their hearts are rich. I am in one of the poorest places in Brazil but not once have I seen crime, Brazilian hospitality is the best in the world, and I can say this by experience because I have basically been all over the world. Dont get me wrong, U.S.A is my country and I would die for it but I have to say, Brazil is amazing. Good people are easy to come across by, drinks taste good, everyone is fit and take good care of themselves. Yesterday, I got a bench you typically tan on in a pool area, I took the bench to the shore and lay down on it, my feet were touching the sand and I could constantly feel the tide coming in and out cooling me down. I close my eyes and not for a second worry about a criminal ready to rob me. I hope the readers will be able to experience what I am in Brazil.

Uploaded 07/04/2009
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