What it Means to Sacrifice

    My dad once told me about this piece of shit Datsun car he used to have. Apparently, there was a problem with carbon scoring on the motor. Whenever he drove somewhere that was a great distance, the spark plugs would be coated with carbon residue, and wouldn't fire. He worked at John Deere Tractor company, which was about 30 miles or so away from his home. He couldn't afford another car because times were tough and I had a lot of brothers and sisters that required food and money. I have 7 siblings, to be exact. 4 boys and 4 girls make up 8 kids, including myself.
    So, my dad figured out that if he cleaned the spark plugs, they would last long enough to get him home, and back to work the next day. Luckily, John Deere had a sandblaster at their disposal, which my dad took advantage of. Everyday, he'd get to work and have to remove the 6 spark plugs from his car. then, he'd carry them inside and work for an 8, 10 or sometimes even a 12 hour day, depending on if there was mandatory overtime.
    Then, once his grueling labor was through, my dad would take those spark plugs and sand blast them so his ride wouldn't die on the way home. He did this everyday, for the life of the car. I believe he said he did it for about  a year or so before the POS car finally went kaput. It was no love loss for him to take that scrap heap to the junk yard.
    Before he had a car, my father drove a motorcycle the 60 mile roundtrip everyday to his place of employment. It was cheap gas, and held my parents over through their myriad of financial constraints.
    My father sacrificed much for me and my family. His father, my grandfather, lived through the Great Depression on a farm, a more stressful position I find hard to imagine. My grand-dad taught my own dad the importance of preservation, and the need to conserve and save.
    My father is the hardest working man I've ever known. He will be retiring this November, 2012, and no one has earned a break more than he. However, the retirement he has been nesting away for over 20 years all came crashing down, reduced to the nothingness rubble of a 401k collapse. Either they stole it, or mismanaged it. Either way, the lawyers and financiers are incompetent at best, and thieves at worst.
    When I read in the news about the endless schemes the wall street hacks concoct in order to swindle the poor, I am outraged. I am beyond mad, I feel righteous indignation. The white collar motherfuckers engineered all this chaos and confusion, and raided my fathers meager fund, making off like bandits.
    These insidious fiends that tread upon the weak and abused know nothing of sacrifice, or even accountability. They take out their mistakes and miscalculations onto the masses. We pay for their luxury. We clean up their messes, created by excess and arrogance.
    These assholes should learn about sacrificeHuman sacrifice, that is. I usually don't condone the taking of a human life, but I for one would like to see those fraudulent fucks on their knees, the recipient of a hollow point bullet to the back of their deranged craniums. Empty the clip, and burn the bodies
Uploaded 04/02/2012
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