What kind of title do you want to see?

Yeah my title says it all...thats what I start to think is "What title will make me look at a blog?"  I am always looking here in the blog section just looking for that title that will make me look at the entry.  But here today I have only seen 1...yeah I thought I would blog about it.  I am sure not everyone checks every blog...I am sure, just like me, you look at the title and if it sparks something in that little hole you call your head.

Here are a 10 examples of titles that would make me look into that blog, even if the blog did not have anything to do with the title, I would still look.

  1. My mom saw me naked
  2. My mom saw me naked and laughed
  3. Pork....the other white meat
  4. My mom answers the phone like...
  5. Does my nipples look hard to you?
  6. I assassinated JFK yesterday
  7. Response to "I assassinated JFK yesterday"
  8. Response to "My mom saw me naked and laughed"
  9. How do you say Vienna Sausages?
  10. Does this dress make me look fat?

Now that is some top notch titles for some blogs...I tell you what.

Ok I think that will wrap up my little blog here...have a nice day.


Uploaded 04/30/2009
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