I don't have a facebook. Nor do I have an iPOD, iPAD, iPHONE, iWANT, iCANT or any of those other silly inventions that y'all made Steve Jobs rich with. Also, I don't have a telephone, much less a cell phone or an "alternate number".


     I went to some news blogs today and decided to comment on one of them. Wouldn't you know it? It required a facebook account to log in. I saw someone had proposed a new Facebook Identification card that would be Mandatory for all people to have--taking precedence over passports and other government issued ID cards. I guess that if I don't get that, I really wont be a real person!


     To do almost anything, including get a facebook, you are REQUIRED to have a phone number. With facebook, it is to "prove you're a real person". REALLY????? Oh, so I'm NOT real? I don't have a phone so I don't exist? I guess the wind is writing this blog then! There are so many other things that require you to have a phone number too. Try filing for unemployment. I can hear that now:


Unemployment Official: "Why don't you have a phone?"

Me: "Because I'm too broke to afford one."

Unemployment Official: "Why are you broke?"

Me: "Because you wont pay me UNLESS I have a phone!'

Unemployment Official: "So get a phone!"

Me: "I can't afford one!!!!! Ok, I'm going to see if I can get a lawyer to work with me--pro bono! I'll SET YOU STRAIGHT!"

Lawyer: "Ok! So, what's your phone number?"...



With out a phone you are not counted as a real person, so I guess there is a point in life where someone could become so broke and poor, that even the working class of people sneer at them. You're not counted on the unemployment statistics (they drop your unemployment claim, so even though you ARE UNEMPLOYED, it doesn't count!), or any other statistic in the USA.


     So what's the point of my blog? THERE YOU GO AGAIN! Just because my blog doesn't have a point... that doesn't mean it's not a blog!

Uploaded 02/29/2012
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