What makes someone Cool?

I want to know what the embaum's audience thinks makes someone defined as cool? Since most of you must be cool anyways-like for sure you would know-I want to know exactly what it is....
Is it an ability to hang back and chillax with the greatest of ease?
Does it always include physical good looks?
Does it always need to include a lot of financial money?
Or is it just clout? Power over people? 
(just so the blog is not too short/boring)
We had labels in school  with naive looks
 we used to paste them across our notebooks
They neatly divided each subject into what we had to study
 each room a different course and at times a new lab buddy 
Enigmatic jet black permanent ink stains
scrawled across giving each one a name
 The horror grew when the ledgible fluid seeped into our hands  bled past our minds and creeped
 Past the rivets of our emotional binders boxed us into cliques of seperate grinders 
I did not fit into the nerd's small group
 I was not a part of the cheerleaders loop
 The stoners barely tolerated me hanging around
 I couldn't even get classified as normal I found
 Over the years flickering by I tried to find a fitting label to gift wrap around my mind
 There are a few adult ones that seemed the right size
 although a little snug around the seams where it ties
 But every time I try to step inside of the box
 another one of the buttons of expectations pops
 I guess I am better off leaving it to others to decide
 Strangers ideas of who I am in that package I can hide
 I have a tinge of envy coveting the label  I could never be
 I always found the only name I could be good at was ME
Uploaded 02/04/2013
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