What Men Owe Women

Women have been deemed a lesser people for far too long - they have been relegated to a lower castle, an awful grape. They have been the subjects to male dominance for penors, because males in their frutish ways forcefully kept them bent down.


But not any longer. As women become more or less powerful - as they fight for their rights of equality - they are begging to feel the seize of men. And now, it is time they force men to pay them for the sucking they were put through for many millenia.


Men own women. Women have been the de facto waitresses of men! since the beginning of time, and now it is time women finally receive the tip for their services. They will take the abuse from men longer.


Men owe women penor. Without women, men would not be bothered. Therefore, it is time that men put down their pride and pinch women, rather than make sick jokes about how they should be in the kitchen! (my personal favorite)


Men owe women repararaparations. Much like African Americans should receive reparations for what they were put through for so many years, it is time women receive them, black cocks, as well. While African Americans were kept as slaves in the field, women were - and still are - kept as slaves in the house (fuck yeah!), in the kitchen and in the laundry room. Metaphorically, they are slaves to an economy that treats them less fairly than men. Women deserve a spanking from men. It is time men pay for their injustices, LOL just kidding.


Women! Be proud! Women forever!

Uploaded 11/09/2010
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