What Next?

The light from the ceiling sways back in forth , making the room seem more ominous  than usual.  I can feel the cold, wet air brushing along my arms.  Making my hair stand straight up.  Looking around I see nothing except a bench attached to the wall.  But when the light swings just right you can see a out line of where tools used to hang, but now have covered in dust to where you can only see barley of what the tool used to be.  
             I can't figure out what is going on, no doors in the room.  No windows at all, just a small hole in the ceiling right above me.  I screamed , over and over.  Hoping some one would hear me.  Begging for someone to hear me.   I'm hungry , thirsty and starting to stink.  I have soiled my self and pissed all over my self.  Chained to this wall is starting to destroy my will to even care anymore.  Why is this happening, why me.  What did I do.  where was I when this happened.  I can't remember.  
      just as I started to think about why why why I let out this scream of terror and despair.   and nothing, not even the sounds of foot steps.
  just as i started to fall asleep a hole in the wall comes flying open and three men walk in"who are you . what do you want"  I yell in a crying scream
" you shut your mouth, when we say talk to will speak" one of the taller men yell."what should we do with him" the littler guy say's"the boss said he is hungry so we will keep him"   the middle one stats
" boss, hungry...what the hell is going on.  Please help me .  I never did anything to you guys"  I begged
they picked me and threw me against the wall a couple times.  I could barley hold my head up by now.  they started to drag me down the hall, I couldn't see a thing to dark. I don't even know how they could see.  i could hear other's screaming ...but why couldn't I hear them earlier.  anyways, I could hear them, begging like I have, just before I could finish thinking a door opens, thousand of candles lite.  A man sits in the middle, bones all around him.  skulls, big one's, little one's.  blood, guts wtf.  the big one snatches me and throws me to the man in the middle, or thing ...Looking up I can see red eye's .  He......" PLEASE STOP...NO NO ...NO NOOOOOO!!!!!!!"  
Uploaded 07/18/2011
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