What Pisses Me Off Vol. 10

Ever feel like someone is lieing through their teeth but nobody else is brave enough to call them out on it? And even though you call them out on their lie, they try to weasel their way around the shit? I was at a friend's house last night just shootin' the shit and having a good time. People I haven't seen for a while (purposely haven't seen for a while), were there. We ended up ordering some food, and this one guy who's been pissing me off all night trying to act like a big shot starts up again. All night he'd be like, "Yo guys, if you want any weed I got my boy, he'll hook us up cheap." Meanwhile it's like 3am and there is no way of proving his boy actually exists. Anyways, so we ordered some food, 100 chicken wings to split between 5 guys. Douchebag McGee has like 10 wings and decided to tap out. Then he goes on to say, "Man the most I've ever eaten is 150 wings. It was crazy. I'd do it again tonight, but I ate before I got here." The kid had been at my friend's for like 5 or 6 hours before we ordered the food. So I called his bluff. I said, "Yeah? Where at?"

Him: Me and my boy were at this restaurant and it was 10 cent wings, i ordered like 120 wings and killed it.

Me: 120 wings? You just said it was 150. And who's your boy?

Him: You don't know him bro. Just trust me on it.

Me: No what's his name. I wanna know.

Him: John Smith (name changed for privacy)

Me: I know him. Went to high school with him. In fact, I still talk to him.

Him: Oh shit really? yeah bro he's my boy we go way back.

Me: Call him. Prove you at 150 or 120 or whatever the fuck it is.

Him: He's probably sleeping bro.

Me: Just call him don't worry.

Him: *looking at phone* "I don't have his number, he just changed it"


Me: Oh really? Well lucky me, I have his number. *dials*.............Hey John Smith blah blah blah....Do you know this kid?

John: Who the hell is this guy?

Me: Never heard of him?

John: Nah man. And tell him to get a real alibi next time


Me: So he says he doesn't know you....what's up with that?

Him: You probably called the wrong guy man. Theres more than one John.

Me: Yeah fucking bullshit. That's how fucking pathetic you are that you gotta lie? Fuck guy you're a disgrace.


At this point he starts trying to start a fight because I've proved him wrong and called his lie. He ends up leaving and the night goes on. But pathetic is this kid. Fuck people piss me off.


What pisses you off?

Uploaded 07/02/2011
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