What Pisses Me Off Vol. 4

So I'm listening to the radio today, and a Lil' Wayne song comes on. I'm not too into rap and R&B and shit, but there was nothing else on so I thought I'd have a listen. As he's doing his thing, the lyrics he's throwing out are completely ridiculous! His last line in the song goes "...and honestly I'm down like the economy".  What the fuck kind of rap is that? So then I got to thinking, how many other ridiculous Lil' Wayne rhymes are there? I went searching, and this is what I found:

"I'm the shit so get the fuck up out my toilet"

"Baby I don't think your beautiful, I think your beyond it, and all I want to do is get behind it"

"My two best friends will accompany me and right now they are in my dungarees sleep  one name Mack one name Nenna they hit ya make ya do the Macarenna"

"I bought it out like stunna I hope when we kiss we make u sick to yo stomach, stunning like my daddy And yo momma eat rubbers I bet dat i can do da mouf 2 mouf with yo womenMy house is a dungen Yellow diamond ring lookin like a little funion Stand on my toes you can call me Paul Bunjion"

"These boys don't know paper like I know paper, bitch I'm still on 2004 paper, I'm tryin to get some more paper, I ain't tryin to die with no paper"


Whatever happened to creative lyrics that actually had a meaning? The days of Tupac and Biggie, Westcoast Connection, Nos...these days music is a fucking joke.

Did you find some stupid lyrics? Post them in comments, I'd love to read them.

Uploaded 09/29/2010
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