What Pisses Me Off Vol. 6

Have you ever been at the gym, and look over to the freeweights? There stands the douchebag and at least one of his friends. Wearing the woman's tank top for extra tight muscle showing powers. The worst part of it is, they act like nobody's around. The gym I go to plays music pretty loud for the members, and yet somehow, the douchebag is louder than the speakers. It's so fucking annoying hearing "COME ON MAN JUST THREE MORE! IM USING PINKYS COME ON DUDE YOU GOT THIS! YEAAAHHHH!!!!!! CHEST BUMP!". Encouragment is great, but come the fuck on. Nobody fucking cares that youre working out. Have you ever seen that youtube video called My New Haircut? Well that is pretty much on the nose for what these douchebags are. Steroid abusing assholes.


And another thing. You're standing in line at a grocery store or retail store or whatever with a cart full of a few things, and some asshole cuts in front of you, turns around and says "I've only got a couple things dude. Thanks" and turns around again. Fuck you asshole. Maybe if you'd ask me before you cut, I might have been nice about it and let you cut. But now its just a slap in the balls. When you try cutting in front of him again, he makes a big fucking deal about it. Fuck you.


What pisses you off?

Uploaded 06/20/2011
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