What Pisses Me Off Vol. 7

I think almost everyone is going to agree with me on this one. Who has a neighbour they absolutely hate? I DO! The fucktard across the street from me is the worst human being on the face of the earth. I just recently bought a new car, yay me. I left my old car parked on the street while I was trying to sell it on Auto Trader. Apparently leaving it parked in front of my house is unacceptable to this asshole across the street from me, because he just HAS to be the one who parks in that spot. If he parks in front or behind my old car, it's too far a walk for this dumbshit. So what does he do? Calls the fucking police. Yeah. I know. Police comes knocking at my door asking me if I'm using the car and all this bull, I explained it to him that I was selling it blah blah. Cop tells me to fucking move it, so I did. I moved it one parking space up. Neighbour calls cops again, same douchebag shows up. Tells me he'll give me three days to get it off the street. Isn't that illigal though? I'm sure there is no specific law saying you can't park a car on the street. Anyways, couple days later the asshole neighbour sees me walking to my new car, and actually tries to start a fucking convo with me. I mean, if he'd asked me to move the car himself, instead of going to the cops, I would have gladly done it without getting pissed or anything. But this is a whole new scenario. 

And another thing! This same fucking neighbour complained to the cops that this bush in my front garden looks like a fucking penis! WHAT FUCKING BUSH LOOKS LIKE A PENIS!?!? Long story short, that bush is now gone.


Fuck you, you arrogant pissant. You're a disgrace to the fucking neighbourhood and I can't wait til someone slashes your tires.



What pisses you off?

Uploaded 06/21/2011
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