What Pisses Me Off Vol. 9

I was crossing over into the States yesterday, so I had to go through customs. Apparently I look like the kind of person who has cocaine and ectasy stuffed throughout my car. Officer asks me all sorts of questions. It went something like this:


Officer: Ever been arrested?

Me: No.

Officer Really?

Me: Yes really, never arrested.

Officer: Are you sure?

Me: Um, yeah man I'm clean.

Officer: Who's car is this?

Me: Mine.

Officer: Pretty nice car for someone your age. What do you do for a living?

Me: I work two jobs. One as a manager for a grocery store, and one as a graphic designer.

Officer: Ever buy or sell drugs over international borders?

Me: Seriously? I told you I was clean. I've never had trouble crossing before and I always go over with this car. I go over at least 3 or 4 times a month sir. Never had trouble.

Officer: Pull your car into customs, turn the ignition off and step inside the building.


Great. Customs literally tore my car apart piece by piece looking for some sort of fucking drug to bust me for. This took over 3 hours by the way. So there I am, sitting in the customs office detained. Then after all was said and done, I didn't even get a fucking apology! They didn't even put my car back together properly! It was all flimsy and shit! Fuck man!



And here's a tiny piss off here:

Have you ever seen those Home Depot or Lowe's commercials on TV? The ones where the employee gives the customer a one-on-one lecture about how to do the job? Yeah why doesn't that happen in reality? I went to Home Depot over the weekend to buy some supplies. I didn't know exactly how to do it, so I asked for some advice...fucking store employee gives me a 10 second lecture, turns around, walks away. Nice job jackass. So I go to another employee, same story. Then I decided to go to Lowe's instead, no difference.  Thanks for your help assholes.



What pisses you off?

Uploaded 06/28/2011
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