What pisses me off....volume 1

man wtf is up with the world today? you cant say hi to someone on the street without being accused of like raping them or some shit. Just yesterday I was walking along this walkway on the riverfront, it was evening, around 7pm, sun beginning to set. I was in a good mood and decided to be friendly. I said "Hello, beautiful evening isn't it" to a woman around maybe 35 years old, walking her baby in a stroller. She gave me a cock-eyed look and walked WHAT THE FUCK LADY!? I'm not gonna rape your ugly ass anyway..holy fuck.

Then fucking dumbshit drivers. Omg. I was driving home from school, it was a two lane road, one lane both directions. A dumbfuck decided to be a douchepickle and turned off a sidestreet and cut me off. There were NO CARS BEHIND ME. He literally had to wait an extra TWO SECONDS and he could've turned. But no, he cut me off. And if that wasn't bad enough, he decided to make a left turn just two blocks later, in a bit of heavy traffic. So now he's holding me up and a jam is starting to form behind him..dumbfuck if i ever see you again, I'm getting the bat out.

What pisses you off?

Uploaded 09/22/2010
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