What price for freedom????

Everyday I hear what the people of the United States think about our great country. It usually goes like this.....The US went into Iraq on a lie, and I think so what. This whole thing reminds me of a cop going into a store to arrest a shoplifter and an armed robbery takes place, now should he leave? I know maybe this example is a little absurd but I am willing to bet there are an awful lot of Curds who are glad we went in if for no other reason than maybe they can live just a little longer. This is just one of the things I am talking about all we ever do is concentrate on the bad things a world power has to do and make no mistake we HAVE to do them. Of coarse one of our favorite past times used to be baseball but now appears to be Bush bashing and lets face it he is quite the easy target. I mean the all powerful G.W. Bush, all by himself has ruined this country. The house and senate have nothing to do with it and the fact that the democrats run them has no bearing on anything. We all know Bush did it all. Just one day a week maybe we can stop and look at some of the good things we do as a country and quit breaking it down into Republicans and Democrats. There is nothing the parties like more than to split us into groups that way we can each pick a side and blame the other because maybe we will not be paying attention. That way we will not know what is going on.


We have paid such a high cost for this freedom we all take for granted and we should just stop every now and then and try to find some good in what we do.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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