What Really Chaps My Ass Calories Issue

This has been angering me for quite a long time.

Hopefully, in this situation, I'm not the deluded one.

First, let's start with the fact that if any animal didn't eat, aimingly humans, then it would die. Correct? Of course.

Maybe it's not everyone, but it seems to be those concerned with weight. The people that believe fewer Calories is the key to becoming slimmer is what really chaps my ass!

Think about it; not only does all food have Calories, but it is perscribed by doctors and most certainly the FDA that one stays on a diet of a minimum of 2,000 Calories a day! Calories are what fucking keep you alive! And those delusional sons-of-bitches, usually women, find fewer Calories to be a benefit to their health. Wrong! If you don't get your daily, recommended fix of energy, your body will be deprived and strained.

These people don't piss me off as much as those who juke millions of people's money from their wallets by selling them all that "150 Calories"-ooh-la-la crap! They're profiting off of innocent peoples' self-esteem or lackthereof. It's unjust. And it happens everyday.

A 'diet' doesn't mean to restrain oneself from vital nutrients; it simply means to EAT!!

People that think these horrible things like less Calories, less Carbs are lost. What they seek are answers and salvation. And I know this miniscule blog can't do a damn thign. I just wish people were smarter than the evil of this world known as the media. (I know this site is also the media, so don't be a jackass about it.)

Thoughts? Objections? Add-ons?

Thanks for readin', --jenson_q

Uploaded 08/04/2008
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