What really grinds my gears -Part 2-

After my last rant, I noticed a lot of people responded against my religion and all that jazz. I took on several big things and people made fun of me, as is your right to. In this rant, I'll try to focus on everyday kind of things and people that you have most likely seen.

I cannot stand....


1. People that order 140 items and have a coupon for EVERY FUCKING ONE! It's especially painful when all want to buy is a 12 pack of pop. (BTW this is around the time when every isle is full and you finally settle on one isle and you get stuck behind this person but don't want to risk getting into a different line and having to wait even longer.) Of course, the person that is scanning the items is also a newbie and has to constantly look at a chart on how to input the coupons. I stood behind this lady for a good fifteen minutes waiting for her. Then she always looks back at you and acts as if I'm the bad guy for being upset with her. If you have really bad luck, the person will also have like three little kids yelling their heads off. During the whole fifteen minutes, all I heard was screaming and the lady never did anything to stop them.


2. People that take your courtesy for granted. They always ask for favors from you and the second you ask them for something, it's like your telling them to cut off their arm. They act like picking up the pen you dropped is the equivalent of kicking them in the balls. Then, after they do the nice deed for you, they expect you to worship them as if they're a God. "Like dude, I picked up your pencil so you should like work for me on saturday to pay me back." This also goes out towards snobby bitches that won't give you the time of the day, but when they need to use your phone, they act as if you owe them. (p.s. yes this was inspired from a prievious blog, thanks for the idea.)


3. People that purposely go walking around looking for fights. These people usually travel in groups ranging from 2 to 4. They act like they're the greatest fighters ever to grace the Earth with their prescence. They always seem to go for someone alone and from there they try to provoke the fight. The other day, I was apalled when I heard some kid talking about how he and his friend were going to walk around and look for someone to beat up. All they do is look for someone by theirself and make fun of the guy until he talks back. They travel in groups because they would get the shit kicked out of them if it was one on one and they always pick on someone that is alone. These faggots should grow the fuck up and stop acting like they're actually tough.


4. Rich people that think they can get away with shit. I don't give a fuck how rich you are, I would still lock your ass up for speeding. They walk around and have a tendency to be a total bitch to anyone that isn't like them and never seem to grasp reality. I seriously want to cry everytime I see one of these prissy bitches because they don't deserve what they have. Rich people really need to learn how to raise kids properly. BTW little miss bitch, your not special at all, just because your dad is rich doesn't mean your the greatest thing in the world. I hope I become a success and have money so I can make fun of these spoiled bitches. Which leads me to number 5...


5. People that don't deserve what they have. It rips my heart out everytime I see my cousins. My cousins are a part of a fairly rich family but their grandpa is giving them around $20,000 for their college. The thing is, my cousins don't deserve this money. They do drugs, drink beer, have horrible grades, fuck around in school, and don't take anything seriously. On the other side, I come from a middle class family. My parents can't afford to give me money for college and I will have to work my ass off to get by. I don't do drugs, drink beer, I get good grades, and I am going to have to do so much shit just to get through college. Although, when I make it through college, I know I will make it in life. I know that I will have to work hard and it will be easy for me. For them, they will skate by until they realize they will actually have to do some work. I can't wait until I become a success because all of this will have paid off.


6. People that blame everything on you. You know the people that when anything goes wrong, they immediately point the finger. (or if you work in a restaurant) The people that blame a chicken for being cold as your fault. I work at McDonalds (you wished you worked there, lol) and you cannot believe how many times customers have yelled at me for something the grill team does. It's not my fucking fault that the cheese wasn't cut into a map of Texas or your chicken mcnuggets only contained 9 and a half nuggets. These people act as if you should be a fucking mind reader and should have known that they like the cheese on the side. I have considered spitting in people's food many times but they're lucky I haven't. If you work in an office environment they always try to get you in trouble. They go up to the boss and kiss his ass while explaining how you broke the printer even though you weren't even at work. "I saw him pull up in his car, run up 28 flights of stairs, smash the printer, and drive off, all in 15 seconds." You know what they say "It's easier to point a finger, than offer a helping hand."


7. People who jump to conclusions. These people read two lines of a story and assume it's gay and make fun of the writer. They'll see a sentence like this: "I like the color yellow, but Green is still my favorite" but to them it looks like this: "I luv Green soes much that all oter colourzzsz can goes fux demselvesz". Is it so hard to read more than two lines of a story and to make a well thought out response. "It's just that I'm too lazy", too lazy to do what?! Too lazy to make your eyes move across the page, or heaven forbid, scroll down to read the rest! OH NOES NOT THAT!!11!1!! Hopefully people will be able to look at both sides of an argument AND THEN respond in an intelligent manner.


8. People that chew and/or talk with their mouth open. OMFG this annoys the fucking shit out of me. How fucking hard is it to close your fucking mouth while you eat, or how hard is it to wait 2 god damn seconds before you swallow your food then talk. It's fucking disgusting, rude, and something people should never do..EVER! If your over the age of 4 than you should chew with your mouth closed, end of discussion.

Well....that's it for tonight, I can't really think of any more at the moment so I'll just wrap the blog up, hope you enjoyed it and if not then sorry you wasted your time.



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