What really grinds my gears!

There is just so much bullshit someone can take before they have to do something like this. I have many different points that a lot of you will agree on and just as many of you will probably disagree.

I strongly dislike (hate is too powerful of a word to use)...


1. People that write a story, blog, etc and use this classic line. "I wrote this in only 20 minutes while I was doing laundry, watching tv, etc." I cannot stand faggots who write that shit. What they are doing is giving themselves an escape route. They say that they were "doing something else" while typing so that if you complain about the shitty story, they have an escape route. Then if you call them out on it they say "but for realz i wuz watchinz televionz!!11!". If you really were, then don't say it. I wrote my Great War blogs while watching tv but never said anything about it, so neither should you.


2. People that write about everything that happens in their life. Nobody gives a fuck about your everyday lives unless it involves the police, guns, sex, or something really creepy. "WOW, LIKE ZOMG U RLY TOOK OUT THE TRASH!!!1!". All your doing is trying to earn eRep points without it being considered spam.


3. People that think Ebaumsworld is CSPAN. Nobody really cares who your voting for. Obama this, McCain that. SHUT THE FUCK UP! Most of you don't know politics and copy and paste bullshit and count it as their own. Nobody is impressed. "But Jason, what about me, I took intro to polysci and I R 1337!" Unless your a politician, keep your political views to yourself because hardly anyone gives a damn and about 98% of people on here have no clue what the fuck they're talking about. Here's a hint, look at both sides. Weigh the pros and cons then you will realize who is actually good.


4. People that write fucking gross blogs. I really don't want to read about a dude getting fucked by his uncle even if it isn't true. That's fucking gross beyond all reason.


5. People that write "Get to know you blogs". WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! I don't care that you live in Minnesota, your still a faggot. OMG YOU LOOK SO COOL! Too bad your a douchebag. Do you honestly think that the next time I see someone write a comment, that I will think, hey that's the guy that looks like Brad Pit and is from Nashville, TN. No, and neither will you. It's all because your bored and to top it off, you want to lure everyone into wasting their time.


6. People that talk about religion. I'm a Christian and damn proud of it. If your an athiest then keep your thoughts to yourself. Just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean you have the right to talk shit about us. I don't give a fuck what religion you are and you should feel the same way.


7. People that want advice. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Why the fuck are you asking people on Ebaumsworld for advice on what car to get, cellphone, computer, when to kiss. Look around the Internet for a car that you want, or check out the different cell phones and don't ask people on a site like this. Cavemen didn't need dating advice and you don't either. When the time comes, you'll know when to kiss her and it will save you the embarrassment.


8. People that hate police. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people smashing police officers. Maybe they wouldn't bust your dumb ass if you weren't a mother fucking retard. Stop smoking pot and drinking beer when your 13 and maybe the cops will lay off your ass. Next time your house is getting robbed you'll be grateful knowing that the police is on their way to catch him and get your stuff back. If they don't then it's too bad and deal with it, it's not like they can catch everyone. Respect your police officers because they're keeping bad people off the streets.


9. People that think Soldiers are more important then civilians. In most cases it is true but come on. Why don't we show support towards our doctors and scientist as much as we do people in the military. I love the people that signed up to protect our country but most don't even see any fighting. So, I'm supposed to respect a mailman at an army base more then a doctor that has saved ten peoples lives, or a scientist that discovered a cure to a disease. Just like there is a Veterans day, I think there should be a Scientist day, or Doctor day. Someone in the military should NEVER expect MORE respect from me then I have of Doctors that have saved lives.


10. People that use the extremely popular "I" word. "Everyone iz ignorantz cuz they dun agree wit me!" Whoever says that the other person is ignorant automatically loses. There are too many flaming faggots that jump to conclusions and spam the word ignorant. "You think Obama (just an example) will win?! Then your ignorant! BLAH BLAH BLAH, I'M A HOMO". If someone has to assume your ignorant means that they know they lost and they're looking for a way for you to look bad. Someone who is truly right shouldn't belittle another person for a different view even IF it is wrong.


11. People that think that "love" is a good enough reason to fuck up your life. I read a blog where some guy was going to hitch a ride to see his girlfriend and he's 16! What kind of retard does that. You'll get to see your girlfriend just as she is going out with another dude. Say you do marry her. Good luck supporting a family at a minimum wage job because you had to drop out of school. If your under the age of 20, then don't say that you know what love is.


12. People that complain about Guitar Hero and Rockband. I would be fucking grateful if some kid played my song in a game. It is also a good start for someone that is really going to become a musician. It helps you get into music and may even provoke you into trying the real thing. Like Rockband, the drums are pretty much the same in the game as in real life. All they have to do is get a drum set and they will have a good headstart. Guitar Hero and Rockband is great for young people that want to get into music and if your too stubborn to realize it, then your retarded.


13. People that hate America. If you live in America and your talking trash then what the hell is wrong with you. You obviously don't know how good you have it. I don't know why on God's green earth you would want to bash on the greatest place you could ever live in. Moving onto foreigners. Try to think up of some other comebacks other than, "Americans are fat/stupid". Whenever a British person says something about the US, all they say is all Americans are fatasses which is 100% untrue. Besides you don't have to be skinny to press a button that will blow your country up. "Well, Americanz r stoopid!!!11!". What a lie that is. "We have most of the smartest people living in our country" and we are constantly discovering soooooo many new things to help advance our civilization.


14. Little kids on XBOX live that talk like gangsters. God, I just want to reach through the TV and strangle you faggots to death. You sound like your fucking five years old and your saying "fuck that nigger". Does your mom know your talking like that?! Pretty soon, when you grow up and your balls drop you will hate the people that you once were and the irony will be awesome.


Well....that was fun while it lasted. I hope you enjoyed this little rant but I know a lot of you won't. I don't mind people trash talking me, because it's not like you can do shit to me. Agree with me, disagree with me, it's all up to you.


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