What really is the reason for the season?

Here we are again on Christmas eve, the day before the celebration of the birth of Jesus. But was Jesus really born on Christmas?


In the bible it says that the shepards that saw the star of David and went to see the birth of our (or some people's) Savior were tending to their flock in the fields of Bethlehem prior to this. But according to historians: in December shepards keep their flock indoors from October to Febuary due to the cold weather. If this is so, how could the shepards have seen the star of David and in turn known that their savior was being born?

The shepards however do keep their flock in the fields from March to September. So that would mean that to see the star of David it would have to have been in the warm season.


If we accept this to be true then we have to wonder why we choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus at least three months after his birth. The truth is that Christmas was already a holiday before Jesus was born. It was celebrated by the Pagans as the begining of the (at that time) begining of the winter solstace. During this celebration they would find a pine tree and cut it down and take it indoors to celebrate the solstace. Their reason for doing this was that since the Evergreen was the only tree to be able to survive the winter (to their knowledge). So they would take it indoors and celebrate with it.


So the birth of Jesus aparently isn't the reason we celebrate. But Christians (I guess) decided to adopt this pagan holiday as the birth of Jesus.


But no matter what the reason for the season is, I hope you have a merry Christmas!




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