what retards do to get attention...

My stupidass cusin took E cut off her hair than tryed to drown herself ... i think shes a FAKE BITCH and she just wants attention ... she went to the mental hospital for a month and now shes back acting like shes changed and shes godly it make me SICK!!! Everyone is feeling sorry for her and patting her on the shoulder LITERALLY EVERYONE!! is buying her BULLSHIT..but i know who she really IS.. A LITTLE EVIL BICH!! shes 16 ! she steals from stores! she steals from people! she steals from ME! she sucks dick, shes a bad person, she backstabs people and she talks shit about people behind there back!shes loud shes annoying, and she always does something to show off .."if she was really suicidal she would be dead.. shes just like my other friend who overdosed on pills they just want attention .. and its funny that they do it when theres a crowd of people..  honestly the Bitch is DISOWNED untill she grows the Fuck up ! and if she ends up acually dieing ill be sad and shit .. but she wont kill herself she'll probably get murdered cuz no one likes the bitch.

Uploaded 09/18/2010
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