What Smallville Meant to Me

I know this is going to sound stupid but I feel like I've lost a long time friend after tonights series finale of Smallville. I'm not a big comic book fan as far as actually reading the comics. But I have been a big fan of pretty much every movie and cartoon that has come from them. For some reason or another I've always identified on some level with the characters in these stories. Maybe it's just some weird habit I have that comes from my yearning for greatness.


Smallville was particularly meaningful to me. It's like I saw myself in Clark in that I believe in justice and being a symbol that people can look to for hope. I also saw myself in Lex Luthor because he was always so thorough in his strategies and tactics. He had no powers yet he was always a thorn in Clark's side. His strategic genius could easily match Clark's abilities. When I watched Smallville, it was like watching two sides of myself on the screen in some sort of poetic dance. Clark had the heart and Lex had the brains. Both of them were always powerful forces to be reckoned with. Just imagine what a person with the heart of Clark and the brains of Lex could accomplish in real life.


When I saw the part of the finale where Lex said that he was always in competition with Clark and that he resented Clark for not even wanting his powers, that just hit me hard. So Lex settled for being Superman's nemesis. He decided to build his legacy around his most worthy adversary, believing that Clark would define him, which raises the question, "Did Superman create Lex Luthor?"


I'm not going to spoil it for you just in case you rent it when it comes out on DVD. Overall, I think the finale was a well deserved send off and it did the series justice. Tom Welling not only did a great job playing Clark, he did a great job directing and I don't think we've seen the last of him.

Uploaded 05/13/2011
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