This is more of a rant than a blog, maybe all blogs are rants i don't know i don't read or write them.

I am just sick of this shitty site where you can upload and upload content and never gets featured , i mean then you upload a vid and 5 months later gets featured submited by someone else, sucks but not terrible. Then i submited a video, got removed next day and featured one that  was posted later than mine, i got pissed then ( i even took some screenshots and post them


But now i think i a new kind screwing me over is happening


I saw this vid on youtube of francis flipping table playic magic gathering , i noticed it was uploaded the day before and it had like 70k views , so i laughed  and went to ebaums to see if someone else  has posted it . NO ONE HAD, i went to submited vids- latest- and just looked every video until i reached one day before the video was uploaded on youtube.

So im feeling pretty freaking good about this, so i post the vid and even took a screenshot ( not sure proving what but i did) and waited.


Couple of hours go by and i see it hits break, by now im puckering my ahole just  thinking that i finally  got this.


Kept checking for posting of the vid before me and nothing. So im just smoking grass being all happy until TODAY.


Today i did the same thing, checked submited vids latest before mine, when i see two videos submited before mine out of freaking nowhere, with even even less views than mine.WTFFFFFFUUUUUU i took screenshots i will post them and put link on comments.


I mean video has not even been feature but i just know that when crap like this happens it probably is going to happen. Why ow why this shit keeps happening.


Just as a sidenote, obviously my grammar sucks and i wrote this fast. I smoked rock for two years and had less mood swings than on this site, something so freaking stupid yet pisses me off so much.


Uploaded 03/11/2012
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