What the fuck is the point of Jersey Shore?

I hate twilight a lot and I mean a lot but I watched something that is making me reconsider what bad actualy is. I recently watched an episode of Jersey Shore and did a lot of things to me. It confused me, pissed me off and scared me a little. It made no sense, it just perpetuated stereotypes and made me mad because they get paid to do nothing and it showed me how stupid people can actually be.

It confused me because I don't really get the point of the show. I mean it's just a bunch of Italians from New Jersey who live in a house and party and fight. I mean it's like Big Brother without challenges, people getting kicked out of the house or twists. So it's just a bunch of people in a house so I don't really get the point and why it would be interesting to anyone. Then why the fuck is it called Jersey Shore if it's filmed in Miami. I'm not going to film a show called "Streets of New York" in LA so why the fuck can they do that with Jersey Shore?

It made me mad for two reasons. One, it's just a ploy to catch audiences into watching it and not actualy making quality programming. Like The Osbournes. THAT was a good reality TV show. I mean they took a group of legitimately interesting people, people we respected and loved for years. Jersey Shore literally went to New Jersey and picked random people and put them in a house. Where the fuck is the genious in that? Second of all they actualy get paid. Their lucky enough that they have jobs let alone their on TV doing theirn jobs. And what pisses me off even more is that they actually demand MORE money. What the fuck do they even need more money for? They live rent free in a house. They just party every day. Yeah it costs more money but it doesn't need a six figure salary and it definately doesn't meet my qualifications for fucking entertainment!

It scared legitimately scared me. Up to this day I never knew people who didn't have some sort of mental disfunction could be that stupid. I've met and seen a lot of stupid people in my life and they pretty much top the list. If these people are medically normal I'm scared to bring my children into a world like this just in case they become like them. (On seperate note, if my family ever tells me I act like a castmember of Jersey Shore I'm ending it that day).

What happened to quality television? What happened to reasonably watchable television? I mean I don't like reality television, except MXC, that's just funny. If something is legitimately good I'll watch it, like The Osbournes or Gene Simmons Family Jewels but Jersey Shore, it's just a travesty to television. God I hopem they take those talentless greasebags off the air.

(If an Italian has to ever use the term greasebag on someone something is seriously amiss)

Uploaded 09/04/2010
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