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Smb275 rightly concluded that, no one here will convince anybody to change their beliefs. Still we fight and argue the different ideas. Where the fight usually results in childish insults and a bloody waste of time, however, the arguments if respectful and carried out between two or more intelligent people can be stimulating. It won't result in changing anybodies beliefs, but it can be challenging.

It is ironic that both the theist and atheist rely on their own beliefs to draw a conclusion. How one could possibly cancel the other is ridiculous. They both rely on the faith, they are correct, as neither can prove the other wrong with empirical evidence. 

So what does change one's perception of reality? It is experience, culture, charismatic people and their own spirituality. For example DrGonzo had an experience that convinced him that God exists. Many people follow their local faiths for fellowship, community, a sense of belonging and someone to watch your kids on occasion. Many charismatic people like Charles Manson and Jim Jones, drew many weak minded and disillusioned individuals into their way of thinking with horrific results. For many persons, like myself, it's more of an intuitive spiritual nature, an inward search. To tell you the truth, I'm a little weary of actually meeting God, he'd probably give me well deserved shit. 

There is also situational change of mind, probably the most profound, some good intentioned, bad intentioned or a way of coping. Good intentioned missionary work might be in the form of going to a region to fulfil a human need. This usually results in many conversions taking place due to the generosity and  love certain people display while following a religious life. Unfortunately in the past, missionary work in part  was used with bad intention, not by those carrying out the work, but by greedy and unscrupulous rulers who sent them. Basically, missionaries were sent into regions to profess the Christian faith. The crown would promise funding to the missionaries for food from the old world, medicine, military support, etc., if the people would learn about God instead of hunting and gathering food. The elite knew that after one generation of this, an entire class of people would lose the ability to feed themselves. The missionaries would then be removed from the region and the people would starve to death. If ever there was an argument for atheism that is it. But only because religion was used as a tool for destruction by a bunch of psychopaths. 

It is well documented that many people convert to religion when under strain from physical stress or when confronted with hopelessness. However, it is probably less true today due to the easy availability of alcohol, drugs, solvents and distraction. Among these choices, God seems like the healthiest choice, but lets face it, God is the most difficult when surrounded by alternatives that are more easily swallowed or inhaled.

I will not change anyone's mind and have never had the intention of doing so, it is a foolish enterprise for me to even try. But one thing I will never do, is refer to other's beliefs as stupid, ignorant, idiotic, selfish or other crude name, for then I lose all arguments, for all beliefs are equal without empirical evidence, for which there is none and that is the way it should be in a world of considerate people.

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