What the hell is wrong with people...

So the other night I had to run out to my car to get some stuff. Well it was pretty late, I'll say maybe 11:30 PM. I can't remember what I ran out to get, but I think it was some of my sister's stuff as she was living with me temporarily. Well I walk outside my house/apartment and cross the street cause I parked somewhat far away. Well it was pretty deserted outside and there were these two black guys walking passed me, just in front. Well they split up and one started walkin ahead of me toward where my car was down the sidewalk while the other one broke off and I assume headed home. This is where it happened...I'm walking about 10-15 feet behind this guy closing in somewhat quickly as he was walking slowly. Next thing I know I see the guys arms go toward his zipper and by this time I have closed to maybe 5 feet behind him. Well I hear this water splashing on pavement sound and the guy kinda bends his knees while he's walkin and then I see piss on the sidewalk. For a second I just stood there like what the hell...and I look at the guy and notice he's wearing headphones (the big ones) so I guess he figured he was alone and then he starts singing to confirm my sight. Well I walked very briskly to the road and got passed the guy ASAP. Thankfully there were some cars between us cause I imagine he would have tried to appologize and I would have ran.

That type of thing is just weird and people who do that type of thing scare me, because you never know what they will do. Total anarchy for them. Thanks for reading.


Uploaded 09/25/2008
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